Holiday Travelling

     Holiday Traveling 

I have never really traveled in my life, I mean I have left Idaho once for a day trip so here I am living my dream through an article. The holidays are one of the busiest times in the year for travel but where is everyone going? Most people travel so they can be with their family but others just wanna see some beautiful places. So from the oceans to the mountains I will be showing some fun places to visit during the holidays. 

If you wanna go with something more warm weather Hawaii during The holidays is great. It’s warm and the ocean is beautiful. There is lots of fun there during the holidays,  people will sing and make music on the beach and there is lots of food. Another amazing place to go to is Europe. My friend Joseph Noyes said that he would enjoy visiting Europe for the holidays. I like that idea. I think I’m going to tag along. Anywho, it is decorated beautifully over there and a lot of the countries are snowy during the holidays which puts you in store for a white Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. 

 Wherever it is the holidays are a great time to spend however you would like, whether that’s in tropics or at home with your family keep these traveling ideas in mind.