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Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Shay Harris, Reporter

November 15, 2017

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  Nov. 27 marks Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Cyber Monday is basically online Black Friday, and it is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Adobe Digital Insights predicts...

Refugee crisis grows around the world

Mariah Wood

November 13, 2017

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The global refugee crisis has never been so large. Today, the amount of displaced individuals reaches levels not seen since World War II. As of 2015, 65.3 million people were classified as refugees, asylum seekers, or internally d...

The Grizz of Wallstreet

November 6, 2017

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Sudarshan Sridharan, a 16 year old high schooler from North Carolina, has made $43,000 by investing in the stock market. His success stems from basic knowledge of the stock market and popular companies today. By investing in Tesla, S...

North Korea: danger or drama?

Marcos Resendiz, Staff

October 26, 2017

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These past few weeks North Korea has been throwing threats towards America, and they even launched test missiles towards Japan that ultimately missed. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has claimed that over 4 million people signed...

Gun violence sparks controversy

Shelby Lee, Reporter

October 25, 2017

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  In the first 290 days of 2017,  there have been over 340 shootings in the U.S. Over 500 people were shot and injured and 58 killed during the recent Las Vegas massacre on Oct. 1. A week late at Texas Tech on Oct. 9, anothe...

Climate change vs. natural disasters

Mariah Wood

September 27, 2017

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  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have left a trail of damage and flooding in their wake. Texas officials report 82 deaths as a result of Harvey according to the New York Times, The Miami Herald reports 26 ...

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