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Why is English important?

Why is English important?

Bianca Leiva , Reporter|Co-editor November 17, 2022

We use English in everyday life. We use it to talk and to text. Some teachers have opinions on why we need to use English in the real world. So what encouraged them when they were younger to become English...

Fight Breaks Out at Idaho Fair and Causes Chaos.

Fight Breaks Out at Idaho Fair and Causes Chaos.

MiaLynn Priest, Reporter October 4, 2022

MiaLynn Priest, Reporter 2022   A fight broke out at the Western Idaho Fair and ended with injured 16 and 18 year olds. The young adult had received a stab wound whilst the 16 year old had managed...

Idaho Falls Car Community

Idaho Falls Car Community

Josh Dandelski, Reporter/Social Media Manager October 3, 2022

In 2012, The recorded population of Idaho Falls was 57,121 people. 10 years later, in current day, the recorded population is 66,898 people, with a majority of those people moving to Idaho Falls between...



Rebekah Charles, Reporter May 25, 2022

Skyline’s 2022 prom theme was A Thousand Wishes, it is a soft angelic and elegant theme. This gave motivation to the student body to be dressed in magical ball wear. Boys and girls had on their best...

Spring Sports at Skyline

Spring Sports at Skyline

Ethan Risenmay, Reporter April 28, 2022

Spring Sports at Skyline Ethan Risenmay | Reporter   This year at Skyline We have had our wins and our losses. In football, we won the State Championship. In basketball, well, it wasn’t...

Cheyanne Silver's painting 'Warm Blood' was inspired by her experience with a patient whose health continued to deteriorate. Silver uses her art as a way to process her own thoughts and emotions as a medical student.

Mental Burn-out

MacKayla Diann Harbison April 27, 2022
“Mental burn-out” is a very serious issue that is happening to everyone. “Burn-out” is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped.
Photo taken by MacKayla Harbison

Inspired Artowrk in the Hallways.

MacKayla Harbison, Reporter April 1, 2022

The artwork in the girls’ bathroom in the English hall: let’s talk about it. I’m sure most of you girls have noticed how there is new, uplifting artwork and quotes in the English hall bathroom. I’ve...

Image of an IFPD vehicle on Pancherri Drive. Taken at 10:00 am. By Diamond Garcia.

Further Information Releases amid Gas Leak at Skyline.

Diamond M. Garcia, Editor in Chief 2021-2022 January 28, 2022
On January 27th, 2022at approximately 9:45 am, teachers in the 200 halls noticed the smell of gas. The school’s maintenance crew responded to the situation and detected higher than normal Carbon Monoxide levels.
Photo of the French Club at their meeting located at the farmers market. On the right, you’ll find (Taia Olsen, Lilia Olsen, Marcus Kosman, Madame Youinou, Gracie Harper, Ashlyn Johnson, and Carol Carrillo) Photo Credit: Dakota Nielson.

Language Clubs at Skyline

Dakota Nielson, Reporter October 6, 2021

Here at Skyline, we have various clubs that you may be interested in joining. But have you considered joining a language club?  We have clubs for all three of the languages taught here. There is a French...

New Assistant Principal

kali J., Reporter October 5, 2021

     Going into the 2021-2022 school year here at Skyline, we are starting off with a total of 15 new teachers and administrators. This adds up to be about 19% of the total staff. Within this, we received...

Picture of a TikTok in which a user took a security camera. The video has the caption 'This lick will never be topped.'

“Devious Licks” TikTok Trend Leads to Vandalization in Schools Across the Nation.

Diamond M. Garcia, Editor in Chief 2021-2022 October 1, 2021
In early September, a trend emerged on TikTok where high school and college students take property from their schools and post the video on the internet. Items such as signs, security cameras, projectors, and even drinking fountains have been stolen.
Brandi Levy is seen here wearing her former cheerleading outfit as she looks at her phone while outside Mahanoy Area High School in Mahanoy, FL.

U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling in Student’s Free Speech Rant Has Every Student Around the Country Listening.

Diamond M. Garcia, Editor in Chief 2021-2022 June 3, 2021
In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled in Tinker v. Des Moines in which public school administrators can regulate speech that would disrupt the school. Recently however, justices have considered whether this case applies to speech off campus, and as far as social media.
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