WestSide Story


Anya Melendez, Reporter April 2, 2021

As March rolls around there are many things changing. Spring is coming with many celebrations, such as Easter. Easter, also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a holiday celebrated by many people....

Jack O'Grady is Pro!!!

Jack O’Grady is Pro!!!

Felix Alvarez April 1, 2021

Jack O’Grady is pro for Pass~Port Skateboards. He first appeared for Pass~Port skateboards “Kitsch'' Video he was featured for  five of the 40 minute video. He then appeared on the “2019 AM Scramble''...

Origins of March

Adriana Maldonado , reporter March 31, 2021

March is the third month of the year but is named after the Roman god of war and a planet called Mars. The name comes from Martius. In ancient Rome, they had many festivals on Mars and it took place in...


Syringa Garcia March 5, 2021

Based off of Disney Plus’ previous original content, I didn’t have high hopes for Wandavision. When I first started watching Wandavision, Marvel and Disney Plus’ latest big project, I didn’t really...

Morrison's Menu: Bowling Ally Food

Morrison’s Menu: Bowling Ally Food

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor March 3, 2021

This month I decided to plan a fun dinner date and I had to decide where we were going to go to get something to eat. My date and I went to Skyline Lanes and were able to play a couple games of bowling....

Photo Credit: Buffalo Wild Wings

Morrison’s Menu- Pizza flavored wings

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor January 28, 2021

The last thing that you would ever expect to see on a wing menu would be pizza flavored wings, now it isn’t a secret that I don’t really do spicy food so going to buffalo wild wings for the menu of...

origins of January

adriana maldonado, reporter January 25, 2021

January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus. Romans would celebrate January 1st and offer things to Janus in hopes that he would bring them good fortune for the new year.  Not only that, Janus...

Aubriellas and lucas Backstory

The backstory of my soon to be coming fiction short story
Rylee Leatham, Reporter January 11, 2021

  Aubriella was a 14 year old girl when she lost her best friend. His name was Lucas and he was the most adventurous person she had ever been acquainted with. They had met when they were just children,...

Morrison’s Menu: My Own Creation

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor January 7, 2021

As I sat at work it occurred to me, I needed to come up with a good healthy alternative. I work at a fast food chain, a specific one that I won’t name but the mascot involves a King. The thing is that...

Ugly Sweaters

Adriana Maldonado, reporter January 5, 2021

In the 1980s Bill Huxtable made ugly sweaters as a meme in his household but yet he was the one who had invented the whole event on Christmas. People did this as a competition in their families and they...


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief January 5, 2021

A “staycation” provides a peaceful, fun and luxurious New Year's Eve. Pools for the kids and suites for the parents. Covid-19 has impacted our daily lives more than anyone could have predicted therefore...

New years resolutions

Ashlyn Thomas January 4, 2021

  New Year’s is one of the most celebrated holidays. It’s a time to spend with friends and family to welcome in the new year and let last year go.  We see it as an opportunity to start new,...

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