World Supercross Debut


As of March 1st, details for the first-ever round of the World Supercross(WSX) Championship were revealed by SX Global. The date for the first round was announced to be October 8th, 2022. The first round was to be held in Cardiff, Great Britain at the Principality Stadium. The second and final round would later be announced for the 21st and 22nd of October, held at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. These events would feature elite racing in a Triple Crown-like Format between beloved professional riders, FMX stunts, live music performances, and other entertainment. 

Between March 1st and September 27th, participating riders for the WSX(450) and WSX2(250) classes in the British GP were announced, along with the teams they would be riding with. Aside from the WSX and WSX2 riders, Wildcard riders were also announced. These Wildcard riders would not be eligible to win the WSX Championship, as they aren’t part of the ten teams provided for the event and only wildcard entries. The eight wildcard riders consisted of riders like Dylan Walsh and Nathan Crawford, but the most notable of these eight would be Eli Tomac, 4-time 450 Outdoor National Motocross Champion and 2-time 450 Indoor National Supercross Champion, the reigning champion after winning both the Outdoor and Indoor titles of 2022. 

In WSX class, wildcard rider Eli Tomac would take the overall win, going defeated with 1-1-1 results. Tomac’s long-time rival, Ken Roczen, would finish second place overall with a 3-2-4 finish. Rounding off the podium for the first-ever WSX event would be Vince Friese, landing 2-3-5 scores. In WSX2, consistency got the job done for Shane McElrath, as he was able to seize the overall win for the night without winning a single race, making 4-3-5 finishes.  Taking second overall in the 250 class would be the beloved American Chris Blose, taking 2-4-8 finishes. Finishing off the WSX2 Podium would be who was known as arguably the fastest 250 rider of the night, finishing number one in the first and third main events, but after a crash causing him to finish 19th in the second main event, he’d be drug down to third overall. Fast forwarding to round two in Australia, we would miss Tomac in the second round, leaving the title contention between Roczen and Friese. Fan favorite Joey Savatgy would lock down first place overall with an impressive 2-1-1 finish, putting himself into the picture and taking second place in the points battle. Vince Friese would land in 4-3-5, making for a fourth place overall finish and third place in the points standings. Most importantly, Roczen would win the championship title, going 1-15-2, his low fifteenth finish due to a flat tire he suffered, two laps into the second main event. McElrath would bring his consistency over into the second round, finishing 2-2-1, taking the WSX2 Championship title. Max Anstie would make 1-3-2 results, taking over second overall and second in 250 class points. And finally, Chris Blose would happily take home third in points after landing a 4-5-4 in the second round. 

While it was a short-lived season, it was loaded with excitement and great racing. With it only being the first year of this brand-new series, there is ample room for improvement in the years to come. FIM has brought us countless successful racing series, and every new series has to start somewhere, and like all of the other series we have, WSX improvements will come with time and future seasons.