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Trash Pickup!

Trash Pickup!

Skyline has a Trash Problem
Emili Currey, Editor In Chief April 2, 2021

Skyline, along with the rest of the world, is suffering from trash and pollution. The line of trash on the fence bordering the school is piling up and we need to do something about it! People are neglecting...

Christmas Origins

Felix Alvarez January 4, 2021

Everybody is at least a little excited for Christmas. Whether it be openin the presents, looking to see if Santa came and ate and drank the milk and cookies, or waiting under the mistletoe for someone...

Supernatural Places and Stories

Supernatural Places and Stories

Spoopy Stuff
Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor November 5, 2020

As many know Idaho isn’t your typical state. We have summers that get to a hundred degrees and then winters with below freezing temperatures, we have rural places like Arco and big cities such as Boise...

Telling Their Story

Telling Their Story

The Murder of Angie Dodge
Emili Currey, Editor In Chief September 28, 2020

Angie Dodge was an 18-year old girl born December 21, 1977 in Vancouver, Washington. Angie was a very smart and happy girl, she even forfeited some of her after-school time to being a tutor and helping...

Tunes of the 10's: Music of the Decade

Tunes of the 10’s: Music of the Decade

Eli Sorensen, Senior Design Editor March 5, 2020

As the decade began in 2010, Robyn’s “Body Talk” album not only ushered in a brand new era of synth pop that would define the next ten years of music—the acclaimed LP also sparked the widespread...

The Dark Side of Social Media

The Dark Side of Social Media

Nic Sloan, Co-Editor February 26, 2020

Cell phones have grown to be the biggest piece of technology in today's society, with at least 96% of all American adults owning some sort of cell phone device. But even more so, teens are becoming more...

Dealing With Addiction

Dealing With Addiction

Max Webster, Investigative Reporter December 18, 2019

In the year 2017 alone, 70,237 men, women, and children lost their lives to drug overdoses. Among those, 47,600 were from opioids and 15,482 were from heroine alone, and the numbers are rising, according...

I.C.E. raids impact Skyline families

The story of two students
Beatriz Ramirez November 19, 2019

Almost everyday in the news we hear about people being deported, or I.C.E. raiding homes and businesses and taking immigrants into custody. These people being taken into custody can range from small children...

Vaping outbreak sweeps the nation

Vaping outbreak sweeps the nation

Deaths, injuries, bans, with all this commotion vaping has been a hot up and growing topic in recent months
Nic Sloan, Co-Editor October 23, 2019

Vaping has been an ongoing trend for shortly over a decade now. And in that decade, the number of deaths and illnesses have been seldom. But in the last few months alone, there have been at least 1,479...

Child Abuse Takes a Toll on Society

Kate Santoyo, Reporter September 26, 2019

Child abuse victims are everywhere, but they are not easy to identify. It could be that quiet kid in class you have never really spoken to, or someone you have known for years that has gone through...

Art by TaMerra Mitchell

Art Feature

Tayla Taylor May 21, 2019

Art is a great outlet for creative minds to express their talents. whether it’s through poetry, painting, drawing, or other forms of art. These skills have huge impacts that reach far past the pen and...

Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor March 26, 2019

  The weather is changing, and I'm not talking about winter leaving and turning into spring. There is a global phenomenon that is happening right now, but many are quick to push it aside as it starts...

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