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Taylor Swift: Expectations Shattered and History Made

Taylor Swift: Expectations Shattered and History Made

Josh Dandelski, Reporter | Social Media Manager November 17, 2022

At midnight on October 21st, 2022, global pop star Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated tenth studio album, titled ‘Midnights.’ Only three hours later, Swift would release the deluxe edition...

Hi! I’m Ms. Parrett

Hi! I’m Ms. Parrett

Kaden Horning, Reporter November 17, 2022

Here at Skyline High School, we have interviewed our new drama teacher Ms. Parrett. We have questioned her about her experience at Eagle Rock middle school and how she became a drama teacher.     When...

Holeshot at round one of WSX

World Supercross Debut

November 1, 2022

As of March 1st, details for the first-ever round of the World Supercross(WSX) Championship were revealed by SX Global. The date for the first round was announced to be October 8th, 2022. The first round...

Idaho Falls Car Community

Idaho Falls Car Community

Josh Dandelski, Reporter/Social Media Manager October 3, 2022

In 2012, The recorded population of Idaho Falls was 57,121 people. 10 years later, in current day, the recorded population is 66,898 people, with a majority of those people moving to Idaho Falls between...

Endangerment of Animals Due to Climate Change

Endangerment of Animals Due to Climate Change

Abigail Moss, Reporter May 24, 2022

Endangerment of Animals Due to Climate Change  Abigail Moss | Reporter Climate change has been negatively affecting the world for many years now. The burning of fossil fuels, usage of one-time-use...

Divine Dines: Hokkaido Ramen House

Divine Dines: Hokkaido Ramen House

Natalia Richards, Reporter April 29, 2022

Ramen. Everybody loves it. Well, at least college kids' bank accounts do. It's easy, cheap, and fun. Inside Snake River Landing lies a restaurant that puts a whole new spin on this casual dish. It’s...

H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes

April 28, 2022

H.H. Holmes   Abigail Moss | Reporter H.H. Holmes was America's first known serial killer. Holmes was born on May 16, 1861, in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. When Holmes was born he was originally...

Could Electric Vehicles Be Our Future?

Could Electric Vehicles Be Our Future?

Madilynn Jorgensen, Reporter March 2, 2022

Electric vehicles are seen occasionally throughout our everyday lives. But what we don’t expect is electric vehicles will be more common than gas vehicles in years to come. Executives expect 52% of new...

Origin Of Valentines Day

Origin Of Valentine’s Day

Syringa Garcia, Co-Editor 2021-2022 March 2, 2022

Valentine's Day has become a huge part of our society. Every year the amount spent on Valentine's Day in the United States alone amounts to around $21.8 billion; whether that’s spent on dinner dates,...

Betty White

Betty White’s Life Line

Madilynn Jorgensen, Reporter January 20, 2022
Betty White has sadly passed away on December 31st 2021. She was a huge influence to America by being a famous actor and animal activist.

Ms. Martin

kali J, reporter June 3, 2021

     Heather Martin is the new Newspaper and Sophomore English teacher this school year. She came to Skyline at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year and has made friends with the other English...

Mason Harding

kali j, reporter May 3, 2021

     Mason Harding is a freshman here at Skyline, and out of ten, he would give his freshman year a 9, because it is better than he expected it to be. He says, “I expected it to be boring and a...

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