Racism in Our School

This is going to be my last story for awhile maybe ever, no I’m not a senior I just couldn’t fit Newspaper in my schedule. So I want to leave by talking about something that is really important. I want to talk about the racism problem at our school and just in general. I see it everywhere including the bus and stories that my friends have told me. I talked to a few of my Hispanic friends and they told me about how teachers have been rude to them and singled them out and how other peers have acted differently towards them. I think that this is a big problem because they are people just as everyone else and they deserve the same amount of respect and education. They should also be able to express their culture and who they are without being judged. 

I have also seen this on the bus, many kids say slurs and most of them don’t have the right orientation to be able to say those words. It is upsetting for a lot of people to hear these words. The worst part is most people don’t care what they say and don’t understand where these words come from and how offensive they are. It is horrible how much of this I see and how nothing is done about it. Some racist terms have been normalized by people and it is not good. 

Racism needs to stop. It has been going on for far too long, even though it has improved from what it was in the past it is still an issue. All people no matter what color they are or where they are from should deserve respect and freedom. We have seen too much discrimination in the law and even in the punishments in this school. Last year there was a group of Hispanic boys peacefully protesting and got yelled at, that situation was very mishandled and I feel as though it is because of the racism in the school’s procedure. No matter who you are, you should be treated with respect and I hope to see improvements in this school because it is not something that can just be ignored, it’s affecting people’s lives and their happiness.