William Shappere

O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo, a beautiful saying from a beautiful play. Romeo and Juliet is a masterpiece about a young girl and boy from rival families who fancy each other. It is a quaint story but who wrote this story, his name was William Shakespear or shappere, or was it shaxberd, that’s the funny part about him over the course of his life he had signed his name 80 different ways. William Shakespeare was a very interesting man but we don’t have a lot left to really tell us about him and dig into his soul. We do have some information though one of those things is that he invented 1,700 words that are still used today. 

As I said we don’t know much information about him personally. Most of the information we don’t know is during the lost years, which took place in 1578-1582 also 1585-1592. But we are still able to uncover some information about this strange man. Like how he went to grammar school and got married to Anne Hathaway in 1582. But none of this explains the odd things he did throughout his lifetime. People dedicate their lives to studying him and still don’t know so it will always be a mystery for the people who weren’t there in time with him. 

One of the greatest things that we understand about him though is his magnificent playwriting. William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in total, most of them you have probably here of and if not you’ve seen if referenced. There are lots of movies that are inspired by his work including the lion king and even some current remakes of some of his stories. He is very well known in the literature world and even the average world of cartoon and marketing. With all this information it is easier to understand him as a person, though we don’t know much we know that he will be a known poet forever.