Skylines First Band Concert in Awhile

 On March 3, 2021, Skyline’s band had their first concert since last school year and they did a wonderful job! They played an array of songs and each one was obviously well prepared. At this concert, the middle school band also took part and they did very well. The concert took about 2 hours and it was a blast, along with the music you could hear the cheers of the speech and debate club supporting their friend, learned about the history of some of the songs presented, and saw someone dressed up running around the gym, the concert took place in the gym because skyline doesn’t have a stage, the last concert also took place here I went to that concert too and I think the set up is nice and its a good place where they can easily fit all the instruments and people comfortably. It was something that added a little more to the experience and it worked. I was just informed…Our Co-Editor at the West Side Story was one of the people screaming. Besides the cheers, the students got all kinds of great feedback. When you entered the gym you got handed a piece of paper to write a note for one the band kids and there was plenty of good feedback for the young musicians. Overall, their concert was quite the success and something to be very proud of for years to come.