December Movies

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

Jumanji: The Next Level: At first they were complete strangers, but after they got sucked into Jumanji, the game where you have to finish what you started, and through the experiences, they went through, they all forge a bond that cannot be taken away. But as time goes one they began to drift, and one of them found the now destroyed game of Jumanji, and he tries to fix it. But something went wrong: the game is now busted, glitching out. Now the games are a lot more difficult than before, with many more dangers than the last time. With the help of new faces, they will try to end the game before it becomes ‘game over’ for them. (December 13, 2019)

Cats: A new life: it is not that easy to obtain. Sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to get it, and you are not able to get it. But there is a certain tribe of cats called the Jellicle, and they  have a certain tradition where the leader chooses which cats get to go to a place called ‘Heaviside Layer.’ When they do, they come down to start a new life. But only one of them gets to go up there, and only one. They called this ‘Jellicle Choices.’ Now the question that remains is which cat gets to ascend? (December 20, 2019)

1917: It is the year of 1917, during the time of the first great World War. During the Third   Battle of Ypres, or Battle of Passchendaele, two English soldiers are given a very dangerous task: to deliver a message to a squad of sixteen-hundred soldiers, to call off an upcoming attack. But time is not their ally because they have to deliver it in twenty-four hours or sixteen-hundred lives are going to be lost. Will they make it in time, or will they fail. (December 25, 2019)