Consoles Collide

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

The Console Wars: Over the past few decades the console wars have been going on with different consoles that our parents remember, and probably our grandparents. The first was in in the 80’s, Nintendo vs. Sega (or at least the one that everyone remembers), then the ones when our parents were kids, the NES and the Sega Genesis. We all know who won that, Nintendo with it SNES, but today we are not talking about the old war. 

No, today we are talking about the current Console Wars: Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s Playstation. Over the past years Xbox and Playstation have been competing with each other, with Nintendo going in it every now and again, with each one of them bringing something else. For Xbox they bring out the best multiplayer expressions they can, and the Playstation brings out the best looking system out of the games. Now for the last couple of years, the PS has been the one that is in the lead with Xbox slowly following it, but while they try to compete for each other, they forget that there is another contender: PC.

Now PC’s have not been involved with the Console Wars since it was never a console to begin with since PC’s can do other things besides gaming, but other Xbox and PS users can get behind hating on the PC. But that may change, thanks to the Origin PC. This device may make them change their toon. The Origin PC is a custom personal computer manufacturing company, and it’s thanks to them that you can have a PC that can play either Xbox or PS games without said consoles. They call this PC the ‘Big O’. As expected from Origin, you can fully customize your Big O, to choosing your hard drive to choosing the power supply; you can even customize what the router looks like.

Now how the Big O works: The Big O is built by using a modified CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X Micro-ATX chassis, meaning it the outside looks cool. It also used a dual-chamber internal layout, which helps the PC to fit the computer itself and the console inside. So the case of the PC has enough room to store a single full size graphics card up to a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or a TITAN RTX, so you can enjoy how pretty the games are and it can run smoother. The O has a lot of memory, up to 32GB of RAM, or memory for those how didn’t know. Now for the important part, the choice whether to side with Xbox or PS, now you can only have one of these consoles inside the PC. But you can’t play any disc games,  only play digital copies of the game.