Google’s Quantum Computer

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

Google has claim quantum supremacy becomes of Sycamore

Computers, for the past few decades, have completely evolved: starting as servers that took up to hundreds of square feet and weighed tons back in the late 40s, computers now fit in the palm of your hand in the form of touch screen phones that we use every day. Computers have fully integrated into our lives over the past century, and they’re going to continue to evolve, and that next step is Quantum Computers.

Currently, the world’s most used search engine company, Google, has made what they claim to be the world’s new fastest supercomputer. They called this computer “Sycamore,” and with this new computer coming to light, they have claimed “Quantum Supremacy.” What that means is that where a quantum computer that can run its system based on laws of quantum physics, unlike the ones that we use today (phones, laptops, PC, etc.), which run based on classical physics, which is the complete knowledge of past scientific discoveries like Newton’s Law of Motions being one of the prime examples.

A Quantum Computer is a very complex computer system that can solve long strings of equations and problems that could take a mathematician days to solve. Show this equation to the Quantum Computer, and it can solve it in a matter of seconds. Unlike the traditional computers that read the ones and zeros of binary in pairs called bits at a time, Quantum Computers can read the bits that can exist in multiple states at once, and they called this Quantum bits or Qubit. A qubit can, in theory, help physicists to exploit the wave-like of their quantum states to perform calculations that may take years to understand and much less to solve. 

In a test run by scientists from the University of California, Santa Barbara, they gave Sycamore an equation to solve that would have taken the world’s previous most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years to solve, and it found the solution in 200 seconds.

What does this mean for the future of science and discovery? “Quantum Computers, with how fast they solve the thing, they could help us discovered many unsolved questions like dark matter, dark energy, and it could also advance the engineering field by calculating certain things, like how tall the building is for architecture or space travel where it can be useful. It could probably calculate the distances of something, how much fuel it will take. This is basically what normal computer can do so it will be a big breakthrough if it works,” tech guru Anthony Acevedo (11) said. If he said is true, then this could bring forth a new era of scientific discoveries: we could possibly finally find a way to travel across the stars in the night sky and unravel the mysteries of space that we have yet to uncover. But that only if we can make it powerful enough to help us to do so.