As March rolls around there are many things changing. Spring is coming with many celebrations, such as Easter. Easter, also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a holiday celebrated by many people. The reasoning behind this holiday is to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is celebrated world wide, differently in different countries. To top off the fun holiday, every year the holiday is celebrated on a different day. 

Easter was important to many religions because this was known for the day Jesus was crucified and killed by the Romans. This holiday is the conclusion of the “Passion of Christ.” There are a series of events that take place weeks before Easter. Starting with Lent, a 40 day period of fasting, and sacrifice. The last week of the 40 days, people celebrate Holy Thursday. There is a Good Friday the next day. There are many different days in the last week that celebrate different things for each day. Many Christain’s take this time to reflect on themselves and live in the moment. These are religious acts that are taken to participate in a religious act.

Taking it back into history, the story is heard many different ways. Christain’s believed that the reservation of Jesus was a new Testament of the bible. According to the Testament, Jesus was arrested by the Romans. He was arrested because he claimed he was the “Son of God.” Some looked at him as a threat. He was sentenced to death, and was killed by crucifixion.Those who believed in Jesus’ death got the “gift of eternal life.” That meant that those who believed would be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven” after death. 

The celebration of Easter includes eggs, but why? Eggs represent the sign of rebirth and fertility. Some people interact in Easter by hunting for eggs, and decorating them. The Easter bunny is still unknown for why it is a part of the Easter tradition. Currently Easter is a commercial and religious event. The different ways Easter is celebrated is based on their personal preference and religion. How do you celebrate Easter? Though religious acts, or for the fun holiday?