The Latest News on Afghanistan

The Latest News on Afghanistan
Photo of the Taliban who possesses military equipment. Photo Credit: CNN.

After 20 years of an ongoing war between the U.S. and Afghanistan, it is finally over. You may ask, “What caused all this controversy?” It started on September 11th, 2001, when a planned attack against the United States sent us after Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. These were some of the members of the Taliban, the group that oversaw the attack. Leaving one of them to be driven out, and the other killed by the American SEAL team, the U.S invaded Afghanistan, taking all power away. Since then, the U.S. was in control of Afghanistan until recently, when the Taliban came back to take control of their country again. 


Currently, there is a world full of questions, and some of these questions may never be answered. So far we know that the Taliban slowly but surely took over capitals that were being controlled by the government. The Taliban started at one base and made their way through more than 10 bases in a matter of days. The country went into panic mode trying to withdraw from the country and get to a safe place. Groups of people were filling into planes as fast as possible.  Others were hanging onto the outside of the planes trying to get out of Afghanistan. Many were passing their babies and children to the front of larger crowds to try and get their children to a safe place. 


The news started making headlines worldwide. Videos and images of the chaos all around Afghanistan were being spread all over the internet. Many of the people looked very distressed, others were screaming and yelling for some type of help. For more than two weeks, new updates became known every day, but it was only getting worse. 


Eventually, it was becoming more dangerous to be there than to try and fight to save the country’s powers. President Joe Biden made it known that he was trying to get all soldiers to flee the country. This meant that all the soldiers that were placed in Afghanistan would be sent back to the United States. Leaving some hopeless and the Taliban with opportunities, accidents happened. Many soldiers were killed when a Taliban member strapped a bomb to himself to kill as many soldiers as possible. This was the last straw that led to many deaths and many people upset. The U.S. sent planes for the soldiers to flee the country. 


Currently, there are no soldiers left in Afghanistan. The Taliban has taken over more than half the country. The only question some have is the way President Joe Biden handled things. He had the soldiers leave all the equipment that the U.S. had left in Afghanistan. Helicopters, guns, and ammo all left in Afghanistan for the Taliban to have access to. This could be a future issue for the U.S. and Afghanistan to handle. With some people unhappy and others grateful we still don’t know a lot about the situation. For now, everything is at ease but what might this bring to us in the future? We won’t know until it happens.