April Birthday’s

           There are many holidays in April and some may include one’s own birthday. Currently there are a lot of celebrities who have a birthday in April. Depending on which day your birthday lands on, there are two different zodiac signs for the birthday in that month. As of April 1st – April 19th, the people born on any of those days would have the zodiac sign of Aries. For those born from April 20th – April 30th  they are considered a Taurus. Also, the birthstone for April is a Diamond.

           As of April there is a list of people celebrating their birthdays some celebrities, such as actors and musicians. Some Aries people consist of Robert Downey Jr. an actor, born April 4th. Emma Watson, an actress; born April 15th. Pharrell Williams, also known as Ironman, an actor; also born on April 4th. These are just a few of the many celebrities born on the first of April. They would all be considered an Aries. 

For the last half of the month, John Cena; an American professional wrestler, actor, ect. celebrates his birthday on April 4th. Kelly Clarkson, the famous singer and songwriter celebrates her birthday on April 24th. Lastly,umu out of the many birthdays, Jerry Seinfeld; a comedian and actor born on April 29th. These are very few of the millions of people who share the same zodiac sign of a Taurus. Do they have similarities though?

Research shows that those who are born in April are considered to be brave. Also very outgoing, but firm if they need to be. Friendships mean a lot to them and they are known to help solve problems. They can be generous but also aggressive at times. They like to seek revenge when one’s doings change on them, leaving them to sometimes be known as vicious. These individuals want to be leaders and inspire others. They are one you can even look up to when you face difficulties. Through it all though they will learn to be patient and care for their loved ones. Just because you are born in the same month doesn’t mean that all will be exactly the same, but from the research done; these are some of the common traits for those who celebrate their birthday in April.