The New Strain of Covid

As current events of Covid 19 pile up, we are learning new things everyday. So far we know a decent amount of information but there are still many unknowns. One being how long we will have to follow the safety guidelines, or even following the stages until we can go back to a ¨normal life.¨ The anniversary for the virus recently hit one year and it continues to torment us today. In the United States alone, records show 24.5 million positive cases and over 406,000 deaths.  Worldwide, there are 91.8 million positive cases of Covid and 1.97 million deaths. Medical experts are finding within recent cases that there seems to be a new strand of Covid. With the general public already traumatized by the first strand, it leaves many in question and in fear for what this new strand has to hold. 

The first strain we were introduced to has many effects on humans. Symptoms such as a runny nose or a cough are the lighter symptoms. Higher on the scale are a fever, trouble breathing, pressure on the chest, or even death. Some people react differently to the virus, it just depends on how well your immune system can handle it. Some people don’t even show symptoms overall. With these varying levels of reactions, people could not know if they were put in a life or death situation and reliant on a cure. Not yet being able to find a cure, multiple vaccines have been developed and the first ever vaccine for COVID-19 was released in 2020.

The second strain is becoming more common when appearing in positive cases. This version seems to be more contagious and is referred to by medical professionals as a “super strain.” This type of Covid emerged in mid-September in the year of 2020, not only becoming the more contagious kind, but also the kind appearing in more cases involving children. With the same symptoms as the first, the new strain hits you faster and harder. Depending on how well you fight the virus, there are no signs that the virus could be more dangerous or fatal than the first.

While there is not a huge difference between these two strands, it is important to remember that the newer version is able to spread faster among children. Depending on how cautious you are is going to rely on how you can prevent yourself from getting the virus. What causes mutations in strains is the grouping or passing through people. If isolated or cautious, you do not give the virus the opportunity to mutate into a stronger virus. That’s why medical professionals recommend wearing masks and social distancing; this is for us to soften the curve of more cases and mutations.