Max’s Munchies III

Max Webster, Investigative Reporter

Located at 645 N. Holmes Avenue is a little place called Tom’s Gyros and Burgers. While I had never been there myself, I had heard that they can make some amazing food from both family and friends, so of course I had to try it. 

As I arrived to the building I instantly felt the atmosphere change, and it gave off a good vibe. It felt almost as if I had walked into my grandma’s house; and I had that feeling of safety and coziness. 

The arcade machines buzzed as I walked past and went towards the counter. As I approached, I was greeted by a kind lady who gladly took my order. My order, while only costing me around $9, consisted of a bacon cheeseburger with a side of homestyle fries. I paid for my meal and took a seat near the back of the restaurant. 

While sitting there waiting, I began to analyze the atmosphere: the people were calm and quiet, the music was not too loud, and the air was thick with positivity.

Finally after say 5 minutes, the same lady who took my order brought me my meal. The burger was a perfect size, big enough to match the price, but small enough so that you could finish it with your fries also. As for the fries, they were a bit larger than average and they came unsalted, which is great for those who prefer them that way. I added both salt and pepper to my fries and chowed down; and let me tell you, it was mildly adequate. It was a great burger and the fries were amazing, but it wasn’t anything special.

Overall, I would rate Tom’s an 8/10. The atmosphere was great, the people were kind, and the food was good, but there just wasn’t anything that made the food pop out from the competition. The experience is definitely worth the price, so make sure to consider Tom’s next time you are looking for a quality sit-down diner.