Can We Change Lactose Intolerance

Can We Change Lactose Intolerance

Geny Shaw, Reporter


Throughout the U.S. and around the world, health issues are a huge problem. One big one that we face is Lactose Intolerance. Being Lactose Intolerant prevents one from being able to digest the lactase one’s body produces. The sugar in milk is also one of the problems because the lactase one’s body doesn’t provide for us. The central idea of this article is to give more information on being, and facing lactose intolerance as well as the pros and cons. Depending on how bad the lactose intolerance is in one’s body, one can react differently from others.


Being lactose intolerant doesn’t mean someone is sick, or has a deadly disease. It just means that a person´s body doesn’t produce enough lactase that their body needs. I personally believe that if you are a lactose intolerant individual you can slowly gain the ability to eat dairy products. A quote from the article was, “For some people with lactose intolerance who’ve been dairy-free for a period of time, a very gradual reintroduction of certain dairy food can begin to build up favorable micorbiome bacteria.”  This quote explains how people have been dairy free for a long period of time and the little microbiome bacteria can decrease making it to where those bacteria substances can produce more lactase. This means people may be able to slowly gain the lactase to be able to eat dairy products.


I have recently interviewed Biance Levia, and she says that depending on how much dairy is in a food source she can eat a little bit of that food. She has recently gained lactose intolerant, and it annoys her. If she consumes too much dairy it ends up making her stomach hurt. Before gaining lactose intolerance, she would eat a lot of sour cream and drink a lot of milk. If she could, she would eat a lot of ice cream and sour cream. She says water helps if it gets too bad. In some of the foods she eats, there is a little bit of dairy, but it doesn’t affect her as bad. There may even be a chance she could eat dairy again.


I personally think there is a chance of people being able to have dairy again. If scientists have discovered that lactase can start forming, then individuals may be able to start consuming dairy once more. In most cases, it’s proven that when someone has lactose intolerance they can lose it by their small intestine slowly damaging and then slowly healing. Lactose intolerance is only lifelong if it was inherited. In most cases, like Bianca, she could gain the tolerance back again.