Avatar : The Way of Water

Avatar : The Way of Water

Growing up, I loved to watch the first Avatar movie.. I was only five years old when it came out, but as I got older the movie became more popular. I loved it. I wouldn’t get tired of watching it over and over. 


The movie feels real because of the emotional connection within the characters and the emotions put to show for the audience. In the newest movie Avatar: The Way of Water I had fallen more in love with the movie and how it was created. It’s entertaining due to the animations and the uses of different features and having the emotional effect of putting yourself in situations the character feels. I would advise that before watching this movie you watch the first one as recommended to understand the way the events play out and to grab some popcorn because it gets better. 


I also admire the characters’ chemistry as I believe that would be a nice experience to fall for someone like that. I admired the screen with dreamy eyes as a young girl hoping one day she would find her person, to have that sort of affection Jake had for Neytiri.

the way their bond as characters with understanding each other, teaching one another on how to overcome obstacles together. 


In the movie, a big part that stuck out to me was the theme of doing anything for family. Taking your family for granted, going back to your childhood a bit and seeing an emotional connection. 

It was like rewatching some memories or events that had occurred. Therefore, I do recommend watching this movie, I really did enjoy it and I would watch it again.