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Ethan Risenmay, Reporter

I am Ethan Risenmay, and my life is not that interesting. I have 3 other siblings, and I and the second oldest. I have one older brother, one younger, and one sister, the youngest. My older brother is currently serving a mission in Ghana, Kumasi, in Africa. My younger brother is here at skyline. Jenna, my sister, is at Westside Elementary. My mom works here at the school as the office secretary. I like to read, run track, ski and snowboard, and go out with my friends.

 I like to spend a lot of my time reading books, especially ones written by Brandon Sanderson. He is my favorite author and writes my favorite books, like The Way of Kings, Mistborn, and Skyward. Reading his books is one of my favorite activities because they are so immersive. They are also all collected in the same literary universe. Think MCU but way better.

Running track is also one of my favorite activities. My main event is pole vaulting, though I also usually run a relay and some other sprinter events. I spend most practices vaulting with my friends and after we go work out. 

Skiing or Snowboarding are also very fun parts of my life. I typically ski more often than board, but both are fun. I have been skiing for almost nine years now, and know Kelly Canyon like the back of my hand. I was very disappointed this year with the amount of snow we got and Kelly’s raised their prices. I only got to go one time this year. Still, it was very fun. I enjoy school and love to hangout with my friends, read, and just go have fun,whether it be on the track, or the ski hill. I’m not that interesting.

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Ethan Risenmay