Spring Sports at Skyline


Spring Sports at Skyline

Ethan Risenmay | Reporter


This year at Skyline We have had our wins and our losses. In football, we won the State Championship. In basketball, well, it wasn’t fantastic. This spring we have three sports that I know skyline loves to do. Track, which I am proud to say I am a part of, and baseball. 


This year, track and field events have been successful on both the JV and the varsity levels. Skyline teams in the 4×4 relay have been extremely successful this year, with a skyline team winning every heat of the event. However, we don’t have as many runners this year as in previous years, but the improvement of our team is inspiring. Sprinter and varsity pole vaulter Landon Taft says regarding this year’s performance, “I believe that we have progressed substantially from last year, and put in the effort to become better than we are now.” As a runner myself, I think our improvement as a team is incredible.


Baseball has seen similar success with the JV having 9 wins and only 4 losses this year, and they are 6-0 in our conference. The guys in baseball are all very dedicated to it, and came into this season with passion and determination to do their best. Player Alex Dennert says “I’d say our success has come because we are able to feed off each other’s energy. If one guy gets a good hit the next guy is likely to follow. We have big innings where everyone gets involved, even the guys on the bench are adding to the energy.” Our baseball team has been successful because they are united, and ready to play.

Our performance in these sports this year is nothing but a testimony of our schools determination, athletic prowess, and our school pride. If we keep putting in our hard work we will achieve any goals we have made. Help support our school and our athletes. Lastly, stay strong, stay determined, and go Grizz!