Halloween Costume Throwback

I’m a Bunny, DUH!

Halloween is the one time of year where it’s perfectly normal to dress as random things without any questions asked. There are a lot of directions you could go with your costume: scary, sexy, funny, personal, or be any of your favorite characters. The options are endless and even though there are so many things you can be, there will always be differing trends every year. There will also be ideas that are so popular, they have been around since you’ve been trick-or-treating at three years old.  So, depending your age, I will be taking you down memory lane with Halloween costume trends through the years; along with a little history and some of my special input. 

For the younger folks and a lot of my generation you probably remember “Elsa.” Frozen came out in November 2013 so when Halloween 2014 rolled around that all we could see. There was Elsas on every corner. Now I think Frozen was a great movie and the characters are adorable so I don’t blame young kids for wanting to be them for Halloween, but it’s sad because with the amount of them people got kinda tired of it, including myself. But besides Frozen, there were some other popular costumes from childhood, including Marvel characters, Harley Quinn, and Monster High. I even took part in the monster high costumes when I was in second grade as Draculaura for Halloween, ah good times. Harley Quinn was popular in 2016 because of the coming out of Suicide Squad. And Marvel is Marvel, man. 

A lot of those are costumes for kids, but what about the older kids? Well, surprisingly Harley Quin was a kid costume but was also a very popular costume for teens and adults. In the last couple of years Purge costumes have been very popular. And back in the 90’s school girl costumes became popular because of the movie Clueless and the schoolgirl look has just stuck with us since then. 

People have been wearing Halloween costumes since the 1500’s. Originally, they were worn to scare off ghosts and monsters so they just wore scary costumes. Over the years it has become a fun tradition where people can become whatever they want to be and have a fun night 

 with their loved ones.