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Apple: Time to Play Fair

Shay Harris

May 7, 2019

Apple requires certain apps to pay a 30 percent fee in order to have access to their in-app purchase system. However, this rule is not applied to every app available on the app store. Uber Deliveroo, Apple Music and several other apps do not have to pay the 30 percent fee, and have access to in-app purchase service...

Scientist photograph microscopic life on Mars

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

April 23, 2019

For years, men have been looking at the stars above, wondering if we are alone out there in the vast universe. And one of the most fantasized hopes for life in the outer space is our neighboring planet, Mars. Sci-fi entertainment has always played with the idea of Martians coming to our planet, whether f...

Apple’s newest innovation: the Apple “Card” for credit

Eli Sorensen, Senior Design Editor

April 23, 2019

 On Oct. 23, 2001, Steve Jobs revealed the original Apple iPod to much surprise and enthusiasm. Tech analysts praised Apple for innovating once again, unveiling a new way to experience portable music in a sphere that was previously crowded with walkmans and cheap MP3 players. Apple’s iPod and its...

Squids can provide eco-friendly alternative to plastics

Squids can provide eco-friendly alternative to plastics

Rosa Maldonado

March 28, 2019

Squids can provide eco-friendly alternative to plastics   By Rosa Maldonado Anyone who has taken a science class from Airica Staley definitely knows plastic is becoming a huge problem for our environment. The good news? Scientists are figuring out how to make new eco-friendly substanc...

E-waste piles up, companies counter

Eli Sorensen, Senior Design Editor

March 28, 2019

Next time you buy another cell phone, make sure you know what to do with your old one. Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” has become a prevalent side-effect of modern computing and the rise of consumer electronics. As e-waste continues to build up, its consequences continue to become more occurrent....

Musk maintains commitment to electric

Nic Sloan, Co-Editor

March 26, 2019

The average US citizen emits 6 tons of carbon dioxide every year. That is roughly 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per one citizen annually.  With over 253 million vehicles on the road, that is over 1.5 billion tons, or over 3 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from US vehicles alon...

Foreign company claims cancer cure, doctors skeptical

February 27, 2019

An Israeli company is claiming they have developed a cure for one of the most notorious incurable diseases in history, but many critics are already doubting the probability of such broad claims. The biotech company, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi), has made several claims that within...

The truth behind anti-vaccination

Nic Sloan, Co-Editor

December 18, 2018

Vaccines have been one of the most of amazing miracles of modern medicine and have prevented deadly diseases from wiping out billions, yet there have been 15 outbreaks of measles, a disease easily preventable by vaccines, reported in 2018 alone. These outbreaks are due to the rising levels of anti-va...

Bigger, better and bendy: Apple and Samsung tempt customers with new features

Nicolas Sloan, Co-Editor

September 26, 2018

Apple and Samsung are kicking off September with new promises in the future of mobile phones. To start, Apple is launching a number of brand new devices, three of which are planned to be new iPhones. These models are planned to work off the design of Apple’s most recent model, the iPhone X.   T...

Mercedes challenges Tesla with upcoming electric SUV

Max Webster, Investigative Reporter

September 26, 2018

  In an attempt to challenge the almighty US company Tesla, CEO of Mercedes Dieter Zetsche unveiled a new electric SUV in Stockholm, Sweden earlier in September. The new SUV, also known as the EQC, is stated to release in 2019 and could potentially reduce German CO2 emissions by a landsli...

Moving Closer to Mars

Kaylin Kuhn, Reporter

September 26, 2018

    People leaving Earth to go live on another planet has always been an event that people didn't think would ever actually happen, but NASA is getting closer and closer to sending people to Mars. NASA sent a spacecraft to Mars on May 5, 2018, and it is due to land on Nov, 26, 2018. This spacecra...

Scientists discover fountain of youth?

Keegan Oldham, Senior Design Editor

May 29, 2018

Growing old and dying, the fear of many, may soon cease to exist. Salk Institute for Biological Studies has recently discovered a genetic process that changes the structure of genes that can “reverse” the aging process. Through human cells and live mice, tests were held that showed lifespan could...

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