Imminent Deforestation


Deforestation is the removal of trees for human needs, where it will be the conversion of forest to another land that will be used for things such as cities, towns, agriculture, etc. Natural ecosystems have been negatively affected by deforestation. It’s known that agriculture is the number one reason for deforestation. The cause for deforestation is a consequence of subsistence agriculture. This could be caused by new construction, about 10% of deforestation is because of building new transportation and energy generation. 


Deforestation is reducing biodiversity, it will change the existing habitat and will remove their source of water and food. When animals are at risk to lose their forest homes, they will be unable to live or get used to the small fragments of forest that are left behind. When forests are cut down and only are left behind it will be easier for hunters to hunt and the species could go extinct. Animal species will face expanded competition with other animals, this will lead to a higher risk of extinction by predators.


There are many companies that are responsible for deforestation happening. One of the most known companies is Cargill. It had been revealed that Cargill profits from the destruction of the environment and the exploitation of people. Cargill is responsible for many destructions of forests, but some that are more known by people are the deforestation of the Amazon, Cerrado, and Gran Chaco. These three forests were destroyed for the creation of soy and beef.


There are also companies that are working to end deforestation and Disney is one of those companies that are working to end deforestation. Disney has a policy and that policy has been established in response to a campaign headed by the Rainforest Network. This has made a positive influence on over 25,000 factories. It’s known how Disney helped with a donation of $3.5 million. This has been able to create a REDD+ project. With this project, it has helped generate 3 million tons of emissions reduction.