Avery Eldredge | Reporter

In 2016, when owners John and Josh Swain decided to open a restaurant, they chose the theme of magical breakfast foods and POOF! Abracadabras was born. Their determination to make playful breakfast food inspired dishes like the Captain Crunch french toast, the massive Monte Cristo sandwich with raspberry dip, and pancakes made with Fruity Pebble cereal. To encourage the magical theme, they decorated with top hats on light fixtures and gift boxes suspended in mid-air. I’m not sure if those items are still present, but the magical appeal is still there.

As always, the restaurant was jam-packed but magically, we arrived before the usual one-hour wait time. Our waitress was friendly and outgoing, which is not uncommon, as we’ve always had great service there. The coffee is regular house brew, but is served in what appears to be kitschy, thrift store finds. No two mugs are alike.

We ordered the breakfast nachos, peach cobbler french toast, biscuits and gravy, and the Santa Fe omelet. Our waitress noticed that we were ordering as a group, to share the entrees, and asked us if we wanted our breakfast nachos as an appetizer. When he took his first bite, my brother exclaimed, “This is so good, it made my week!” The dish consisted of a mountain of chips, scrambled eggs, and a mix of breakfast meat with veggies. All piled high and dripping in house-made queso, with fresh avocado and tomatoes. To say this was good would be an understatement. It was delicious! It was hard not to devour the whole thing, but we knew we still had more food ahead of us.

The rest of the meal arrived together and we eagerly dug in. The biscuits and gravy came with hash browns. The hash browns were served crispy, without us even having ordered them that way. And while there were no sausage chunks in the gravy, the biscuits were melt-in-your-mouth buttery and the gravy was perfectly seasoned. The omelet was massive. It was filled with southwest veggies and steak and topped with a house-made ranchero sauce. The peach cobbler french toast was just as described. Two thick slices of their famous french toast sandwiched together with peaches in between, topped with whipped cream, streusel, and caramel sauce. It was a decadent dessert disguised as breakfast.

This breakfast adventure was one of the best that we’ve ever had and we’re so lucky that it’s right here in our community. The wonderful food, excellent service, and amazing atmosphere are sure to keep people coming back for more. This place has proven that they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.