Men Can Cry


By Emma Croxford | Reporter

Social constructs are the ways in which society views a person. In the world today there are several different stereotypes and expectations for people held by social constructs. Most commonly, men and women are viewed as different and constructed differently. Men are seen as needing to have a strong, “manly” way of life and actions. It has become a problem in the world today. Most commonly men think it is not okay for them to cry. This is not the case and can cause several health issues for men if they are unwilling to cry because they’re scared of how it will make them look weak. 


Crying is a way to show emotion. Society says that men are supposed to be tough and strong. Men are constantly told crying makes them weak and that they always need to be strong. This makes it so that men believe it is not okay for them to cry. Crying is just a way to show strong emotions and it should not be considered weak or unmanly. It can be harmful to the brain to not let yourself feel strong emotions. Pushing those feelings down can be unhealthy and lead to depression, and mental health issues. These kinds of effects are most shown in men. 


Crying also releases stress hormones and toxins from the body. It shouldn’t be something only one gender can do. Letting yourself feel those hard emotions gives the brain a chance to feel and process them in a healthy way instead of suppressing them. Why should it be expected in a society that women can cry but men cannot? No matter your gender, crying is healthy and can be extremely beneficial.