Damar Hamlin Injury


Damar Hamlin Injury

~Izrael Chavez | Reporter


Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on January 2nd of 2023. The injury crew attempted CPR on him shortly after an ambulance came and took him to a local hospital.Unfortunately they did not finish because the players were so heartbroken they couldn’t continue the game. It was all over the news and around the world. All the Bills fans were shocked about this incident.


Damar Hamlin was born in McKees Rocks, PA where he played high school football. He played college football at the university of Pittsburgh He was selected by the Buffalo Bills in 2022 in the sixth round pick. Damar Hamlin had a great season in 2022 as a safety and he had 66 tackles and 23 picks before his injury. 


  As of January 9th he is waking up and making improvements according to CNN news “Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin still faces a lengthy recovery’’and still requires oxygen. This affects the world of football because this could get the NFL sued because they waited too long to postpone the game. Damar could suffer heart problems in his future but in the 2024 season he will be playing on the field.