Divine Dines: Bj’s Bayou


New Orleans is home to some of the best cajun food, and twenty minutes away from Idaho Falls lies a restaurant much like this home of southern hospitality. This place goes by the name of Bj’s Bayou and is a New Orleanian’s dream home away from home. It offers anything from frog legs to jumbo blackened shrimp. The interior design was inspired by that of New Orleans nature, downtown area, and the famous voodoos. There are street signs, scary masks, a live alligator, and legend has it, they have a few ghosts of their own. 

Now onto the hauntingly good food. The most popular menu items are the crawfish etouffee and hush puppies. After careful inspection of the menu, it was obvious to make these the first things on my plate. The hush puppies are made fresh in the kitchen, and presented with a sauce. The sauce made these already delicious appetizers that more amazing. The puppies were hot and crisp but not too hard nor too soft. The cornmeal batter was executed beautifully, creating a hush puppy that you and your tastebuds will never forget.

The crawfish in the etouffee tasted like it was fresh out of the water. The seasoning and depth this dish had is astonishing. It’s the exact definition of authentic New Orleans food. When paired with the cajun sauce the mixture of flavors correlate well with one another creating a masterpiece. 

Generally, the experience and taste this place brings definitely makes it a fan favorite. The staff is amazing, the food is great, and the interior design always gives you something new to look at. Plus, they have a real life alligator, and who doesn’t love that? The fact is, this place is unique and there is not another place like it in a hundred mile radius. So next time you want a plate with a little bit of southern love, take the long way to Bj’s Bayou.