Language Clubs at Skyline

Photo of the French Club at their meeting located at the farmers market. On the right, you’ll find (Taia Olsen, Lilia Olsen, Marcus Kosman, Madame Youinou, Gracie Harper, Ashlyn Johnson, and Carol Carrillo) Photo Credit: Dakota Nielson.

Here at Skyline, we have various clubs that you may be interested in joining. But have you considered joining a language club?  We have clubs for all three of the languages taught here. There is a French club with Madame Youinou, a Spanish club with Señora Rhodes, and a German club with Herr Contor. The clubs previously managed some games at the school carnival, and have many more activities throughout the year. Luckily, you are not required to be in any language class to join the club. Currently, the clubs are in a state of rest, as the big holiday season has yet to arrive. The German club was focused on Oktoberfest until it ended on the 3rd. Although it was canceled in Munich, it is very much alive here in Idaho Falls. 


Some activities that take place in the clubs are, as previously mentioned, Oktoberfest for German clubs, concessions at sports events for both Spanish and French clubs, and deciding on club shirts for all three clubs. In addition, you can also try new Spanish and French foods in their respective clubs. Some examples include taquitos and crêpes. The clubs always do things that are related to their country of origin. All are open to new members and suggestions on activities to do. This is a fun way to start your high school experience or end your high school days. 


Skyline has amazing language teachers who love teaching kids the culture and the language of their country. Joining one of the clubs can give you an experience you never knew you wanted to have. These classes and clubs are très bien, muy bueno and sehr gut! You won’t look down upon these teachers’ excellent skills, because they are truly qualified for the job. So if you are debating on whether or not to join, this is your sign to do it. You won’t be sorry!