Football is Back!

End of the Year, Beginning of Football


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021


Football is starting again! Incoming freshman and juniors going into their last year of school come together to freshen up their technique. This week-long football camp begins the team bonding for the next season. They run drills and learn new plays, these boys hang out with new people they might not have met if they didn’t play football. Freshmen are normally the new target for the older boys “We like hitting and messing with kids.” Kiano Kishiyama(11). Obviously hitting is purley a part of sports and does not have bullying tendencies. Coaches get to know kids and pick out their starting lines and who they will want to play more. 

Conditioning depends on how the coaches are feeling and the way that the practice is going. There are positives and negatives to working out during practice such as, getting stronger and getting faster but could also lead to injury or dehydration. Coaches give pointers for the players to work on before the actual football season, this camp gets them back in the groove which helps them improve, maybe even possibly get a better position. 

At this time players begin to either cut weight or bulk weight this gets them ready for the exercising and hard work, if your body is in the shape that it needs to be in, you will succeed. Football is an emotional sport and the pressure of being perfect during games and getting to state is sometimes too overwhelming for some people. But the people who can handle it have the chance to experience first place. The boys put in hours of practice, blood, sweat, and tears for the success of the team. 

This camp is the start of a new season and a fresh team. Taking part in the summer, these boys will sacrifice their free time in the hopes of the trophy at the end of the year.