Froot Loops Cereal Straws to Make A Return

Joey Provencio, Comic Illustrator

Recipes are one of the most flexible and timeless pieces of information to exist. This is because the ingredients themselves are unchanging; a handful of flour today is the same as a handful a flour from the 60’s, the only thing barring you from perfection being your location and availability of ingredients. One of the most common treatments recipes get is the old ‘lock it away and never show it to anybody that isn’t in the bloodline else you risk shame on your family name’. Now, you can do that if it makes you feel better about your absolutely terrible casserole recipe, but oftentimes people only care about withholding something that has real world value. Such as companies and their own recipes, which may or may not be required to be at least 50% sugar in the United States (source: just trust me). 


Froot Loops are a household name, praised for their sugar content of literally 41% of each loop. Despite the begging and crying of the American health crisis, Kellogs decided that it would be a worthy venture to make the stuff into straws that you could use to drink the froot loop milk out of your bowl of froot loops cereal. Originally introduced in the futuristic year of 2007, they only lasted up to 2009 before being discontinued and (almost) never heard from again.


That is, until roughly four years ago, when some lady on the internet decided to take their problems to popular petition website, and started petitioning Kelloggs to bring back the straws. When the petition hit 75,000 signatures, (contrary to the norm) the company actually responded- saying that they would bring them back in late 2021. 


Is this considered a win? Nostalgia says yes- food health officials and the FDA probably say no, I didn’t check.