Lucy Hitesman, Reporter

Baseball is a good sport; there are about 162 games in a baseball season. Let me tell you about baseball, baseball has been a part of American culture for God knows how long. The first to ever mention baseball was in  John Newbery’s little pretty pocket book. The Winston Salem twins defeated the Asheville tourists at 2-1 on August 30,1916. The longest baseball game I’ve watched was about 3 hours and 35 minutes long, so far 18 players have managed to achieve this feat. The fastest pitch ever was thrown by a woman at 69 mph. The first baseball team to ever wear numbers on their backs were the New York Yankees. In fact the New York Knickerbocker baseball club has been a huge part of baseball history since 1845. Baseball is one of the most unique sports. Some fun facts about baseball is that a dwarf has actually played baseball. Baseball was played during the civil war as a moral booster. The longest an actual baseball game lasted was about 8 hours and 6 minutes. Baseball has multiple reasons why it is fun and why people play it. Baseball is one of the most underrated sports there are, having been one of the oldest sports around and somewhat predictable. Some important facts about baseball are baseball fans eat tons of hot-dogs and the oldest ballpark in MLB was built in 1912. Baseball is a famous pastime not only in America but throughout the world. Each MLB ball has 108 stitches in it. The first world series was played between Pittsburgh and Boston.