Golf Team Updates

Ashlyn Thomas, Reporter


Our Golf team faces dilemmas 

 Golf tryouts were cancelled on Monday March 29, 2021 due to high winds which  could have resulted in injuries. Winds were up to 17 miles per hour, not only was the wind bad but it was very cold and would have made it difficult for the students to golf, and it would be too cold for our students to stand in. Golf tryouts have been cancelled until  sometime next week and students and coaches plans have been set back, by a day or two. 

Coaches are still trying to put together a team and having their plans together and what their game plan should look like. Coach  Marco our health teacher is the golf teams coach, and Mrs. Bischoff who is a biology teacher is also helping Marco coach, the two of them are working together and strive to put on a winning season for Skyline. We are all excited for golf season and ready to cheer on our fellow grizzlies!