Syringa Garcia

Based off of Disney Plus’ previous original content, I didn’t have high hopes for Wandavision. When I first started watching Wandavision, Marvel and Disney Plus’ latest big project, I didn’t really know what to think. I knew there was something more going on with what was happening, they made it pretty obvious. However, the show had a very strange beginning. I’ll admit, when I first watched the trailer, I didn’t even want to watch Wandavison all that much. I’m very glad I chose to though.
The show opened with Wanda and Vision (the main characters of the show and characters that had previously been in several of Marvel’s films) in what seemed to be a 1950’s sitcom. It was hard for me to watch at first, I knew it was going to get much better quickly, but the first two episodes or so were uncomfortable to sit through. I would only get small tastes of the greatness that was sure to soon unfold, and the rest of the show was awkward humour and painful laugh tracks.
Luckily for me, the show got very good, very quick. I had already been faced with the big questions of: “What is happening, where are they, and how isn’t Vision dead?” Which was the thing that kind of kept me watching in the first place, but then interesting stuff started happening to their world. By the end of episode two, Wanda and Vision saw a strange man crawl up from the sewer and a toy helicopter fell out of the sky. The strange thing was, the helicopter had the SWORD symbol on it and it was in colour. Colour, which didn’t exist in the show previously. Soon the world Wanda and Vision seemed to be trapped in, started glitching and changing, and when I finally got to see what was going on in the outside world it got really good!
There was enough information to be able to make predictions but there was still a lot that was a bit confusing, and seeing the outside world answered a lot of questions. However, it didn’t give everything away. Obviously the show had to leave a bit of mystery. Another thing I appreciated was how seamlessly the creators took the show from being this very confusing, kind of well-organized, mess to having a real conflict. Of course, they do still keep throwing content at me that raises more questions too!
Speaking of quickly, I really like the pacing of the show at the moment. At first I was very confused. The show seemed like it was throwing a lot of information at me very quickly, but looking back on it, that was kind of needed to make the show so intriguing. Enough happens that it keeps me needing more and the show does it without stuffing too much information in a short time period or skipping details.
All in all, I think that Wandavision is a very well-made, interesting new show. I’ve never seen a concept quite like this, and if there are shows like that out there that use the same principles, I can’t imagine they’re done quite this well. It took a bit of effort to convince myself to watch it in the first place but once I started I couldn’t stop. I can’t wait for Disney Plus to get more episodes!