Skater of the Year

Felix Alvarez

Skater of the Year is thought of as the highest award a skateboarder can receive. The first skater to receive this award was Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk is a Professional skateboarder who owns his own skate company Birdhouse and the founder of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games. Finalists eligible to receive Skater of the Year are put up in early December, where skaters around the world can vote for who they believe stood out in skateboarding. This year’s skater of the year was Mason Silva. Sponsored by Spitfire Wheels, Nike SB, Independent trucks, Real Skateboards, Mob Griptape, Huf shoes and Bronson Speed Co.. Silva came out with four skate parts this year. In order from oldest to newest, he made a “Welcome to Real” Part, “Nike SB part”, “A Real Short part” and his “Spitfire part”. All of these parts stood out this year because of the insanity of the tricks he was doing. With a total of about 20 minutes of film, Mason Silva was stacking clips, with the consideration that each clip is only 3-5 seconds long. He was awarded his SOTY award by his friends and fellow skaters in hazmat suits on December 16, 2020. With his four parts, each of them being unique and full of tricks, he proves that not just anyone can receive this award and that it was well deserved.

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