State Champions!

That’s a W!


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

Not since 2017 have our Grizzlies put on that 4A football State Championship hoodie, they have worked hard all season with an almost perfect year of 12-1. Our boys stayed late at practice, pushed through injuries, and still succeeded. On Saturday the 22nd at 7am the Grizzlies left Idaho Falls and began their journey to Middleton, Idaho. They were fired up from the minute they all got out of bed that morning. letting Salem and Homedale finish the 3a championship even going into halftime 28-28, the team began warming up. 

Family and friends were nerve-racked the week before the game as they faced some holes in the road. Rumors going around that the high school that the state Championship game was being held at wasn’t going to let anyone in to watch the game. The grizzly cheerleaders were being told that they weren’t going to get the chance to cheer at the football game. Knowing Idaho Falls citizens, we emailed with all our might and put our cases out there to be seen by officials, and they granted us entrance. The venue gave the football players 4 vouchers each and allowed parents or friends to buy tickets online. This news came as a huge relief to everyone wanting to drive down to Boise to watch them play in person. 

The first few minutes of the game were very stressful for the people watching and the boys playing. Emmet had a tough quarterback to work with and within their first few plays they had scored the first touchdown. It never feels good to watch the other team get the first touchdown, but our team didn’t give up. We kept pushing and it took off from there. We hit them with all we had, including trick plays and some risky moves during the two point conversions. The Grizzly Fans are on their feet and to top it all off, Brixton Gilbert sacks the quarterback and the crowd goes wild. 

The boys were on cloud-9!The last 9 seconds of the game were spent cheering and jumping around,  The Skyline Grizzlies won 42-22, singing the school song with all their hearts and bright big smiles on their faces. us in the crowd near to tears watching the happiness on that field that night. As they danced their way into the locker room the crowd followed and patiently waited for them. The boys have a tradition of singing “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys after every Win, and the spectators outside the locker began singing it as well. 

We give a huge congratulations to head coach Berger and the Grizzly Football players! That’s a W!