Skyline Vs. Idaho Falls


Lesley Moreno, Reporter

Photo Credit: Lesley Moreno

Emotion Bowl success 7th in a row!

Emotion bowl is the day 2 of district 91’s highschool rivals compete. Grizzlies and Tigers compete in a game of football and for the chance to paint or keep the goal post their school colors. Fortunately the goal posts have been blue since 2014. 

Grizzlies and tigers show spirit for a big game by painting local businesses’ windows their school colors, along with pictures and assured words they will win. 

   Emotion bowl was on October 10, 2020 this year. With many restrictions due to COVID-19 not all students were able to attend the emotion bowl, but there was a live broadcast that was available to everyone. 

    Student from Compass Academy Tristan Alvarez(10) attended the 2020 Emotion Bowl. Alvarez says there weren’t as many people but it was equally as fun. “Usually there are a lot more people and there are a lot more food vendors… But being able to hangout with friends was the best part” Alvarez said. 

    Student Ashlee Freeman(10) a Skyline student says “ The emotion Bowl was still very exciting even though there weren’t many people that could go this year. My favorite part was the powder toss.”

    Rachel Lee (10) another skyline student says “ The Emotion Bowl this year was really fun. It was different from the other emotion bowls in the past because of COVID 19 there weren’t as many people and you had to have a voucher to enter. My favorite part was hanging out with my friends and the end of the game.”