Meet The Staff: Joey Provencio

Caleb Kunz, Interviewing

Joey Provencio is a new staff member for West Side Story at Skyline High School and I decided to take the opportunity to interview him and get to know him more as a student, person, and as a member of the school newspaper. I first started with basic icebreaker questions, first I asked “What are your favorite hobbies?” and he replied with, “I enjoy a lot of things, one of the things I do most is drawing; alongside playing my cello and baking stuff. I’m trying to get better at writing music, as of late,” he also enjoys music like Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and David Bowie. “What is your favorite subject in school?”, “This year, I think my favorite class is Orchestra. Something about playing music and being surrounded by it is appealing,” that’s a subject that sounds pretty fun. “What Collage do you want to attend?”, “I haven’t done a whole lot of research on it. The only kind of general direction I have is BYU Provo, but only because I hear they have a pretty dandy animation program,” he likes to animate and create his ideas. “What career do you want to do?”, “In my perfect world, I’d either go into animation at some studio or write and draw comic books all the time. Though, since I want to avoid becoming the ‘starving artist’ trope, I’ll try and get into some computer science-related field or something like that,” why is it that somethings in life have bad stuff about them, WHY WORLD. “Do you enjoy Newspaper 1?”, “Originally, I was a little weary going into it but I think it’s going to be a fun class. The atmosphere feels good and welcoming,” nice friendly response. “what are your opinions on the masks?”, “They’re alright. Kinda hard to breathe sometimes, but if they keep us from being sick then it’s pretty cool,” I would probably say something negative. And to conclude my interview with a bang, I asked “Do you have any motivational words for us?” and his motivational words were, “Since we have Fridays “off”, consider sleeping some more because I know you’re not getting enough of it.” not gonna lie, I cried a little when he said that and I wanted to give him an Oscar. Joey Provencio is one new staff member I think you should get to know and is someone who could be fun to hang out with.