Morrison’s Menu: Mahana Fresh Review


Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

As a man who was raised on the staple food of cheese burgers and beef stew, the idea of eating at a place based on healthy eating and fresh food didn’t honestly sound all that great to me. But the saying goes, don’t say you don’t like something until you try it. And so I made it the first stop on my many to come food reviews. I went in on a saturday afternoon and it wasn’t busy at all, there was a couple eating in and a woman who was ordering some meals to go and I instantly realized that it was a ‘build your own’ type food shop, like subway or costa vida.

 I instantly looked for the biggest option they had, the big Mahana, it came with two bases, two kinds of veggies and 2 kinds of protein. And then at the end you get to “sauce it up!” with a wide variety to choose from. Honestly I felt pretty bad that I hadn’t tried or even imagined half of the combos that they had to pick from, but the staff was super friendly and helped me every step of the way while I made my Frankenstein type bowl of miss matched foods.

 When I was done I made it halfway through my bowl and gave up, the choice of sweet potato and wasabi had ruined it for me. But then I realized it was my fault, so I went back a second time and actually paid attention to what I was doing and what I ordered, and I am going to give this one to you guys to go and try yourselves.

 For your base go for just Basmati rice blend and no other base, then for the meat you are going to want to pick  the grilled steak, teriyaki chicken or the roasted tofu for the protein. From there you want the veggie to be the sesame ginger broccoli for the veggie, and to “sauce it up!” you’re going to want to pick teriyaki sauce for sure and then the option of creamy wasabi which works out to be a very mellow and tasty wasabi flavor and then the last option of citrus ginger, however I am not a fan of spice and the citrus ginger does have a pretty good kick. I call it the Grizzly Grunch.

 But I highly recommend it, also thanks to your friendly neighborhood food critic, I was able to talk to Heather, the owner of Mahana  and she is such a nice lady and decided that  if you bring in this very article you will get 20% off on mondays, now deemed “Mahana Mondays” so seriously go check them out.

 They get a current 9.5/10 on my scale, my complaints and score choice was due to the very small drink choice but I was told that this is soon to be fixed with more upcoming drink choices and that the seating inside had small chairs that I felt cramped and uncomfortable in, but that is coming from a rather big guy so most of you should be able to fit comfortably and they had some benches that had worked perfectly for me the second visit. Stay hungry everyone!