What Online Learning Feels Like


Photo Credit: Krystoff Kisson

Lesley Moreno, Reporter

Some people may not feel  this at all, but I feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, and not focused. A few classes I got done no problem. They make their instructions clear and easy to follow. But then there are those few classes, just those few that are confusing, tedious, and difficult. I’ve had a harder time getting my work done in an appropriate amount of time partially because I am not motivated, at school, or around my classmates. All of the teachers have made it possible and clear that we can contact them if we have any questions or concerns, but it’s not the same as being right in front of your teacher and them being able to exactly show you how to do something. I think there are many pros to doing online learning, but personally I do not enjoy it. 

Other students have differing views. “Online learning feels stressful sometimes, but overall helpful. I don’t enjoy it, I miss my friends and my boyfriend, but I’m glad I get to be with my family. I would definitely prefer to go back to school because I’m dying for social interaction,” Ashlee Freeman (9) said.

 Online schooling has been difficult for local college students too. Nyele Alvarez is the president of ISU’s Advertising Federation, and she studies PR and visual media. Alvarez says, “ I don’t like online learning, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to finish out the semester. I miss collaborating with my colleagues.’’ She says her favorite part about online learning is picking her schedule, but at the same time it’s the worst part. “Before the stay at home order, I was barely sleeping or taking care of myself because I was so busy with work and school. Now I am able to get all my work done in 3 days and have a really long weekend to work on side projects and work on myself,” Alvarez added.