Staying Active While Staying Inside

Resources and Pathways to That Summer Body.


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

When us kids think about quarantine, we think about not being able to see our friends, or having to do schoolwork all day. What we don’t think about is how we make this time enjoyable and productive. Exercise and healthy habits do not have to be with other people or even outside: the unlimited yoga channels on YouTube and Pinterest posts about workouts can save your life from boredom. Summer is on its way and COVID-19 will hopefully be over. Starting healthy habits now will help you keep them in summer.  

Yoga with Adrenaline is a YouTube channel that has yoga for all different kinds of people, including runners, risk takers and more. This channel has yoga for your different body parts: there are videos for your hands, belly, and lower back. Hundreds of videos dating back years helping people relieve stress and tension. After all, 6.83 million channels have subscribed for the adrenaline-pumping yoga videos. These videos range from 40 minutes to quick 5-minute morning sessions. As the days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, watching the sunset or sunrise while stretching or doing a quick yoga session will help with your inner soul.

Another YouTube channel to check out, POPSUGAR, is an all around work out channel with workout videos ranging from 15-minute calorie burns to hip hop dancing. This workout channel highlights both men and women and focuses on them separately as well. An impressive 4.16 million followers tune in to their workouts. This would be a huge help to keep up cardio.

The students who ran on the track or cross country team are aching to get back out there, but realize running outside could still be an option. Parks are still open, and while taking the responsible precautions, running outside can still work. West Side school has a track that goes around the whole school that has little to no people traffic. The school track is also still open and can be utilized when no one else is occupying it. Quick runs outside can be as safe as you make them, just stay the recommended six feet away from others..

Many may have tried to download a workout app off the app store, but has anyone actually got by the “free trial then 30 dollars a month” post? Unless you dig deep, you’ll see that hated “in-app Purchases” icon below every purchase button, but I’ve found a couple apps that will keep you active. 

The 7M AB workout app has 16 different app workout sets that will leave you sore. 7M has a feature that allows you to customize your workout and tracks your process at the same time. 7M has another app that is for every part of your body and even has a random feature where you can workout multiple parts in one session instead of focusing on just one. This App also has 16 choices. HIIT Workouts has the same set up as the two 7M apps and is just as productive, and they have intermediate cardio workouts for anyone who wants them.

  Staying healthy through this tough time is important, keeping active builds your immune system which is the armor for your body. Your mental health throughout this time is what is keeping you going, meditation while yoga is an amazing way to be one with your mind and body.