Student signing with MSU


Photo Credit: Bazuk

TayLee Sanders, Reporter/Writer

All the hard work is starting to pay off. Athletic Skyline seniors are starting to sign letters of intent to play with colleges.

Earlier this month Hannah Fish (12) signed with  Montana State University to run track. Fish will be running a 1 and a 2 in the sprints and some release. Fish and her parents went and visited different universities, and when they visited Montana State, Fish talked to the track coaches who told her that if she would like to be on the team, they would love to have her. 

Fish feels very good about Montana’s program and their school as MSU has the program that she was looking for. She plans on studying Energy Ecology and then making her way into a nursing program or physical therapy. 

Fish’s sophomore and  junior year Fish broke her foot, so that was a major setback for track, but Fish kept pushing through the tough times to achieve her passion. Her advice for younger athletes, “Just keep doing what you love and you can achieve anything you want,” Fish said.