High school love can last


Photo Credit: Provided by Abby Taylor

High school sweethearts Abby and Bridger Taylor recently tied the knot.

Ashlyn Thomas

Some people say teenagers don’t know the meaning of love and that young love won’t last, but some high school couples do go the distance. Abby and Bridger Taylor are living proof that they can. 

Abby Taylor, who graduated from Skyline last year, and Bridger Taylor, a former Skyline quarterback, have known each other since the first grade. Abby mentioned that when they were younger, they absolutely hated each other. Abby and Bridger went through middle school at Eagle Rock together and high school here at Skyline. They have been dating since their senior year and have been together since Oct. 19, 2016. They dated for 3 years through and even after high school! They graduated together in 2019 and continued their journey after high school together. 

Abby explained how she knew Bridger was the one: “I couldn’t think of anyone else except him. We were so young, but I didn’t want to imagine life without him!” Abby and Bridger are transforming into adults together, and they have and still will be experiencing so many of life’s “firsts” together. 

According to relationship experts, these are some of the benefits of marrying young. Some of the other benefits of marrying a high school sweetheart are that they know everything about each other, which can be a very good thing. They also know all of the same people and have a similar background and world view. Couples that started dating when they were young can recapture the feeling of a youthful relationship, and the doubt that other people put a young relationship can make the relationship stronger as the young couple withstands the skepticism together. They are also more likely to be well acquainted with each other’s families and to have stronger relationships with them. Young couples go through a lot with each other and understand each other in ways no one else can. 

While many high school relationships won’t last, if you are in one that does, know that having a life background in common is a strength that may help keep your love alive!