Why wrestle? Grizz wrestlers explain.

TayLee Sanders, Reporter/Writer

While everyone is settling into their seats, the wrestlers and their coaches shake hands before the match begins. The wrestlers come out wearing a tight type of clothing called singlets. The wrestlers have their heads facing each other and they shake hands. A second after the referee blows his whistle, the wrestlers begin. The wrestlers look so uncomfortable with their faces planted on the floor mat, so why would anyone wrestle? 


Micaiah Wood (12) is a senior here at Skyline High School, and he has been wrestling for 4 years. Wood doesn’t plan on wrestling for college because he wants to focus on academics for his future college. “I love my team, and winning matches.” Wood admits that accepting defeat is the worst thing about wrestling, but also all the conditioning. “I chose wrestling because I’m not good at basketball and I wanted to be in three sports, and it was the only other winter sport.” One of the injuries Wood has had was last year when he popped his ankle, and it sprained really bad, and he was out for a couple of weeks. Another injury was a few weeks ago when he popped his shoulder out of his socket. 


Jonathan (Jonny) Baczuk(11) has been wrestling for 3 months and doesn’t plan on wrestling in the future. “I love how good wrestling is for your mental health.” Baczuk says that the worst thing about wrestling is losing a match. “I chose wrestling because it will help me with football and I had nothing else to do.” The worst injury that Baczuk had was when he pulled a muscle in his back and it pulled his ribs out.


The Skyline Grizzlies recently hosted the Tiger Grizz Tournament. Despite a total whiteout with drifting snow, 36 teams came from far and wide to make it the largest tournament in history. Teton had to follow a snow plow the entire way, but they made it. The Grizzlies didn’t have the best showing, finishing 35 out of 36.