Make the Most of the New Years

Students Set Goals Aspirations following the beginning of the new decade

Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

The New Year feels refreshing. It motivates you to get on top of your life, to clean your room. It’s like a clean slate: the past is behind us and the fresh air is right in front. 

This usually only lasts a few weeks or even days, but for some it’s life changing. These few days of motivation can encourage someone to get their lives back on their tracks to creating healthy habits. The resolutions people make can tell you who they are or what they feel insecure about. 

Some goals can be quick and easy to complete faster, or they can be long and hard. This keeps them motivated to see the end of it or finally accomplish their resolution. The Challenge of New Year could be the reason so many people make resolutions. They may be trying to get better every year even if they do give up after the new year has started. People make new year’s resolutions to make themselves better and to improve their lifestyles, even if it is small things here and there.  

Resolutions can be any kind of goal, like the goals that last a lifetime or school year goals and most definitely health goals. Health goals, the changes you have to make to your grocery list and to your diet, might be the hardest to stay with. You will probably end up spending more money on healthy good food than what you usually end up paying for the ramen noodles you buy every day.

Brixton Gilbert (11) had a long resolution that took him a while to accomplish; his resolution was a fitness goal. His goal was to power lift an atlas stone. These are five heavy spherical stones which increase in weight from 100 to 160kg. This goal was achieved this month.

Megan Rushing (10) is trying to focus on school, and she is heart set on getting her grades to higher standards. “I would like to not fail math because that keeps happening.” We all know that math is the hardest subject to get back up, so this is a great resolution.

Kendra Price (9)  has found that maybe some of her friends weren’t the best people to hang out with, whether that is because they didn’t follow the law or just because they don’t make her feel good or welcome. Whatever reason its for, its okay to decide that some people don’t have the personalities you need in your life. She also wants to have a better life: eating better, doing homework, keeping organized. 

Olivia Currey (12) is nearing the edge of high school. GRADUATION! This arguably can be the scariest time of your life. “ I would like to eat better, lose weight, don’t do drugs, and graduate.” Her resolutions cover a lot of ground. She has high hopes for this year and wants to keep her healthy habits.

How many people actually complete or stick with their New Year’s Resolution? According to around 25% of people stay with their goals, but after 30 days that percentage drops to 8%. How committed are you? You might have that second of motivation when you want to clean your room or do your homework, but can you defy the odds and make that last for 30 days?