Cross country crosses state off the list


Mason. Colvin, Sports

Skyline Drumline sent our long distance runners off in style Friday, Nov. 1, so they could check out the cross country course for the state meet in Pocatello the next day, and they never missed a beat. While Idaho Falls swept the meet by claiming both the boys’ and girls’ championship titles, Skyline boys took took 7th place and the girls finished 4th.

The girls’ team, which had entertained hopes of an I.F. upset, gave every ounce of their dedication, including Macy Olsen (12), who pushed her body to it’s limit. “I was on my second mile of the race, and I was pushing myself pretty hard. I was just having a hard time breathing. I started to panic a little bit, and the breathing just got worse. Then my vision got blurry and I passed out. I woke up and my coach, Bishop, was yelling at me telling me to breath. After 3-4 minutes I decided that I needed to finish the race, so I got back on the course and finished the last mile and a half.”  Coach Kelsey Bishop was very concerned to watch her athlete go down. “When Macy went down, pushed to the point of when she fell, it showed character of how she got back up and finished the race strong. I was very concerned about her safety.”

 The boys team included Bryton Zohner (12), Eli Sorenson (12), Kelson DeYoung (12), Trey Lorrisan ( ), Ridge Wilding (10), Marshall Rhodes (11), Bryce Dennert (11), and alternate Hunter Young (12). The girls team included Sariah Harrison (11), Macy Olsen (12), Adria Roberts (12), Reagan Hart (11), Katie Meldrum (12), Brinnley Chambers (11), Rebekah Johnson (?), and alternate Annie Micklesen (?).