Spotlight on State-level Soccer Players

Lesley Moreno and kiana kraykovic

The hours upon hours of summer and after school practice paid off as the girls varsity soccer took the district title this year and went to state Oct. 23-25. 

   Jaqueline (Jackie) Trejo (9), the only freshman on the varsity team, said she has been playing since she was five years old. “I felt very proud of my team because we worked so hard, our conditioning really helped us out a lot,” Trejo said. She felt good about making it to state but felt like they were “capable of doing more but…we didnt give it our all.”  Trejo is looking toward the future: “I don’t know where the future is going to take me, but I have faith that I’m going to get far.” 

  Aspen Leatham (10) is a sophomore on the varsity team. Leatham started playing in 3rd grade at recess and realized she enjoyed the game. An avid athlete who juggles homework and honors classes while playing multiple sports, she doesn’t know if she is going to keep playing soccer in the future, but she hopes so. 

   Rachel Glaser (11) is a junior and has been playing soccer since 6th grade. She prepares herself by bonding with the team, warming up together and staying focused. Of making it to state, Rachel said, “It was a big accomplishment, but at the same time it was really sad because it’s the end of the season with our seniors.” At state she said, “We pulled together as a team, but kind of let go at the end.. But we definitely came together as a team.” 

   Haley Mickelsen (12), one of the seniors, started playing soccer when she was 8. To help her do her best she tries to eat healthy and mentally prepares herself for each game. She felt very happy and excited to make it to state. While she has enjoyed playing over the year, she said she probably won’t keep playing soccer in the future.