AD adds Captain’s club

McKay Peterson, Page Editor

Athletic director Gregg Baczuk started a new leadership class for sports captains this year. The class meets Monday mornings during late-starts, and the goal is to develop the leadership capacity of the various student athletes.

 “Captains club originated just to provide training and help to our sports teams Captains who are expected to be in leadership roles but don’t necessarily get training to do that,” Baczuk explained. “I know there are other schools and other states that have done this before and, to my knowledge this is the first in our area so were trying to she how it would work at Skyline High School.”         

Adria Roberts (12) attends the class as she is one of the girls captains for cross country. “We basically go through different traits of a captain and discuss it and have discussion boards. We try to make our teams better and ourselves better,” Roberts said. “We talk about how each sport (team) did each week and choose the athlete of the week based on performance and stuff.”

What do they do in class? “Every week we are supposed to do a reading in this book and do a discussion board,” Roberts explained. “There’s a question there that we have to answer, and then the last thing we do is this online course called NFHS, and you just have to do online stuff and go through the course.”
When asked if she enjoyed the class, Roberts replied, “The class itself is fun, the online stuff isn’t.”