Ghosts are real

Sydney Melior, Page editor

Have you ever been home alone and heard strange, explainable noises? What about when you suddenly get chills up and down your back? People say paranormal activity can be shown by signs similar to these. I being one of those people, am here to tell you why I think ghosts are real.

The topic of ghosts, spirits, or just paranormal activity is a difficult one to decide whether or not it’s completely true or false. I personally feel as though ghosts are real. What makes me believe this you might ask? Story time…

About 4 years ago, my sister and I were home alone. I was in my room and she was in hers. She came into my room, asked me if I was just in her room, I responded no. She continues to tell me the following story. “I was in my room, bored out of my mind, and I was thinking it would be cool to take a picture of my alarm clock, so I did. Well, I was looking at the picture I took, and from the angle I was at you can see my phone and my head from the reflection, but in the corner of the clock you can see a picture of a disfigured little girl.” Creepy right? Sadly, I don’t have the photo evidence anymore because it’s always just been on her phone, so you non-believers can say it’s fake, but this is a true story.

Next up is a story about my family friend. In the same house in the previous story but only about 2 years ago, my family friend Chad was helping us finish our basement. He was home alone at the time, and as he was mixing some stuff for the tape and texture of the drywall, he looked up and saw a shadow go from our cold storage to our unfinished theater room. But wait, it gets even weirder. A couple days later as he is working on the tape and texture in the hallway, he felt something press against his back. Thinking he had just brushed up against the wall, he turns around to see he is three feet away from the wall and nothing else is around him. Yeah yeah, assume it was the wall or paranoia, but I think it was a ghost or spirit and my old house was haunted. 

Okay last story. I was at my old school, Lehi High School at 6:30 in the morning getting ready for ballroom. I was the first one there for practice, so I went out to my locker and passed the commons area, pitch black because the sun wasn’t up yet. As I was at my locker, I heard bare feet running around in the commons, yet I was the only one in this specific area of the school and only a few cars in the parking lot. There were a lot of stories like mine that would float around the hallways and even in classrooms as teachers would tell stories about staying late or coming early. I had even asked one of the night janitors if they had seen or experienced any paranormal activity. She was certain the most haunted places in the school were near an electrical box just outside the main doors and the commons area. 

So you may not believe in ghosts or maybe you are a full hearted supporter, but I have had too many explainable experiences to say ghosts or spirits or paranormal activity aren’t real.