Girls Soccer


So far the girls soccer team has played a total of seven games, six of which they won and one that they lost. They have done amazing in all of their games, but one of the games in which they have done an outstanding job was against Shelley High School, where they defeated their opponent 9-0.. 

When walking into the game, Mariela Casteñeda (11) said, “When I first got there, my first thought was that our team was going to do great, but I never thought that we would beat them nine to zero. Not only did I feel proud of myself, but I also felt proud of everyone else in my team. We worked amazing with each other that day, and we have continued to win games because of how we have been able to communicate with one another over the past couple of games and practices.” 

Everyone on the team felt great about the game. “That game was a game that we looked at as an opportunity for us to make improvements and to work on things like control, teamwork, and communication. We really came together as a team that day and did what we had to do in order to get the win,” Rachel Glaser (11) said. 

The girls JV soccer team has had four soccer games, the first two which they lost, one where they tied, and another where they won. 

Jaslen Ybarra (11) said, “I think that the first two games we had were pretty tough. The reason I think that is because we didn’t know each other and we didn’t know how we played together as a whole. Later on we started to figure things out about how we play and how we work on the field. So for the rest of the season I know we should be undefeated.” 

There are also many upcoming games that our girls soccer team and students are excited for, one of those games being against Shelley High School. “I am excited to play against Shelley on Sept. 12 because I have friends and family that play on that team. I don’t really know if we’ll win, but hopefully we do,” Magali Ybarra (10) said